Fisher Boards at the San Diego Home and Garden Show Feb 28 – Mar 2

Come see us this weekend at the San Diego Home & Garden Show where we are showing off some of our new stuff, we’re almost ready for you…


  Once of the things we love to do are events on the Military bases – and who wouldn’t? It is a great excuse to get out of the office – even for the CEO! There is nothing cooler than getting waved through the gate – and knowing you’re on hallowed ground – and then […]


A forward from Fisher Boards founder Geoff Fisher: At the heart of our mission is knowing what it means to truly serve those that serve our Country and when it comes to USSOCOM (those in Special Operations) like Marine Force Recon, Army Special Forces aka Green Berets, Army Rangers and of course Navy SEALs we […]

The Point Mugu Surf Contest

The Point Mugu Surf Contest Naval Base Ventura County (actually home to two huge bases, Port Hueneme and Point Mugu) are strategic to us on many levels but primarily because they sit smack dab in the center of what is arguably one of the most historical and hardcore surfing communities in the history of the […]

A Company that Truly Knows what it means to Serve Those That Serve Our Country

Surf Ventures is a Company that Truly Knows what it means to Serve Those That Serve Our Country We come from Military families, born into this world in military hospitals, grew up on bases, heard the stories of heroism from our ancestors about the people they had the honor of leading and serving with, watched […]

My Story – Jon Kleintop

My story starts many years ago when I was a little 5 year old grom. It is a story of a very long relationship built on love and respect. Love for the art and sport of surfing, love for the beautiful ocean and her many moods, and respect for the power of that ocean and […]

Fisher Board Design & Performance Perspectives

Let’s be honest here 53 year olds should not be riding short boards right? Wrong!!
Kelly Slater is 40. He is still schooling pros half his age. While I’m certainly no Kelly (nobody is!) I’ve had the good fortune of staying fit and surfing for over 4 decades. These boards ARE the real deal. I’ve tested 5 of the designs in all types of waves all over the world. Here’s the skinny and whether you are just starting out or a vet

Waterways on maps or in magazines will never look the same.

Once you start paddle boarding they all become adventures waiting to be taken. Your thoughts will turn daily if not hourly towards ways to figure out how to go on these adventures, how to fulfill these dreams that you cannot stop.

Do what you love and you will love what you do.

It’s about finding your passions and never letting go. For me the Founder of Surf Ventures it’s being a waterman and first and foremost… a surfer. I have lived my life in the water. It is my passion. It is my identity, regardless of the fact that I spent a good 20 years in Corporate America.

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