We use Surfblanks Superwhite grade #1 Superstrong formulation blanks from Australia because they in our opinion are simply the best at maintaining prolonged whiteness, have the finest consistency and cell structure of any surfboard foam out there which means very high bond with very low resin take up and have twice the compression strength so less pressure dings without having to rely on heavier glass jobs. Their formulation provides a perfect combination of complex molecular structure and gradient density throughout the core of the blank for enhanced surfing characteristics (flex with memory). Additionally we use U.S.- made Silmar S-251 water clear resins with UV protection additives and Hexcel fiberglass including warp cloths and S-cloths set in biaxial orientation again to maintain maximum strength to weight and board liveliness.


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9'0" 9-DIVINE

This long board rips. Period! We put a lot of design and forethought into the shape. It's a hybrid of competition elements with a pulled in nose outline that is pointed up a bit and hips 2” down from the midpoint. The volume, foil and rocker are carefully balanced perfection with low entry rocker for 3-stroke

Price: $914.94

8'6" SABRE

We have incorporated a hybrid of design features for fast paddling, early take offs as well as snappy turning. There is a bit of Comp design elements in the template and foil of this board as well as a pulled in nose outline - our riders use this model a lot in competitions. The foil

Price: $843.54


his is a high performance competition design fun board shape set up in a thruster configuration! Very fast. Lots of maneuverability and control. The board has a little volume (300cc) domed into the chest area then rapidly foiled out towards the nose and forward rails giving it a misleading 3” thickness* but that’s where it

Price: $800.70


Fun board – yes in length but not a traditional mini-Mal (mini long board) shape! This board is going to give you an amazing long board feel from a paddle out and earlier take off advantage without the length of traditional 9' long board. You are literally going to be sitting outside with the guys

Price: $729.30


This is a lotta board! Use it as a quad (4 fins), a thruster (3 fins) or run with all 5! This board can adapt to any situation you need it to. Not a gun, not a fun board - somewhere in between with a fuller outline than a gun. Double wing swallow pulls the

Price: $703.80


Not a funboard and not a gun - a great hybrid of the two. Very fast, lots of control! The board's bottom contour was inspired by Mike Eaton's and the Campbell brothers' insane (and very ahead of their time) designs. Bottom features a very slight belly at the nose transitioning to a slight vee/rail break

Price: $761.94


Classic design - updated a bit. The Fisher Magnum is an updated version of one of my favorite shapes that Rusty did back in the G&S days (the Magic "RP"). Set up as a thruster with about 250 cc more volume under the chest and then rapidly foiled back out towards the nose and rails

Price: $675.24

6'8" VIPER

This is a classic "Big Guy Tri" shape for the surfer who wants paddling speed and early wave entry. Dane Reynolds CI influenced template outline especially in the tail from his Dumpster Diver days. This board is a flat out speed demon and a carver as we have incorporated a run of healthy concave through

Price: $598.23

6'6" TALON

This is a great all around performance short board (thruster). There is slightly more volume in this board (subtly domed into the chest area of the deck) which means faster paddles, earlier wave entry and higher wave counts. We have also made the board concave through the mid-section with a very slight double concave in

Price: $568.65


This is a fast hybrid fish shape set up as a thruster. There is a little more volume in the chest area of this board which means faster paddles and earlier wave entry - kinda our signature for all our shapes. We have also made the board with a very slight 1/8" vee break through

Price: $542.64


This is a very fast hybrid fish shape set up as a quad for the surfer who wants to have more fun because there is more volume in this board which means you will paddle and catch more waves and maneuver easier. We have also made the board with a very slight vee break through

Price: $527.85
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